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First of all I would like say thank to you for visiting my food recipe blog. Through this blog, I am trying my best to share with you an easy way to make delicious vegetarian dishes, so that you can easily make easy Indian dishes at your home and enjoy delicious food with your family.

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About me

My name is Nidhi, I am a housewife and mother of 2 children.

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I am a food lover. Cooking and writing food recipe blogs is my passion. I love cooking and eating a variety of delicious Indian vegetarian dishes. I live in Delhi, India with my family.

I have a bachelor’s degree in arts, after that I did many food recipes courses. I have been fond of cooking since the beginning. I have learned cooking from my mother who cooks very tasty and unique Indian dishes. She is a classy chef from the beginning.

Along with eating delicious healthy food, I like to do yoga early in the morning for physical fitness. Yoga is a very essential part of my entire day schedule. I like to wake up early in the morning and do pranayama, meditation and yoga and then prepare healthy, tasty breakfast for my family.

About my Blog

The idea of ​​starting this food recipes blog came to me in June 2023 when I went to an event at one of my best friend’s house. On her special request, I gave her some special veg recipe ideas and also prepared food recipes with her for guests.

After this, many of my friends and many other people contacted me to get ideas for preparing recipes for their home parties, festivals and everyday food dishes at home. My recipes have given me a new identity among my friends and society.

After repeated requests from my husband, I decided to write a food recipes blog. My husband has also supported me technically in setting up this food recipe blog.

I wrote my first food recipe blog in August 2023 and started my food blog with the name Make Veg Recipes but I wanted an attractive name for my food blog so that my food recipes can get a different identity and branding.

After much deliberation, on my husband’s advice, I branded my food recipes blog website under my name title, Nidhi’s Veg Recipes with a tagline Easy Indian Recipes so that people across the world would know and identify my recipes by my name.

Purpose of my Blog

I have been cooking a variety of traditional and modern Indian dishes at home for the last 15 years.

I love making various types of traditional dishes include North Indian main course curry dishes, a variety of easy-to-make breakfast dishes, South Indian dishes, street food dishes, traditional Indian sweets, various chutneys that are eaten with food, various types of Indian pickles and healthy drink recipes.

Through my blog Nidhi’s Veg Recipes, I want to share easy ways to prepare delicious Indian dishes across the world.

People all over the world who love Indian vegetarian dishes and are fond of eating them can easily make delicious dishes at home by following my simple step by step recipe and enjoy Indian dishes with their family and friends.

Even If you are making Indian vegetarian dishes for yourself or your family members anywhere in the world for the first time, then you can prepare many dishes with easy methods by reading my blog recipes.

My most important objective is to bring the exquisite tastes and flavors of Indian cuisine prepared in simple ways to homes all over the world.

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