Chana Masala Recipe

Today I am going to share with you a recipe which is one of my favorite food since childhood. I learned the Chana Masala Recipe made from white gram from my mother and now I make it at home for my kids. Chana Masala recipe is liked by everyone in my house and children also eat it very fondly.

The chana masala recipe eaten in India and many other countries of the world is made using white gram which is soaked overnight and then boiled and cooked with some special spices. It is a delicious and spicy dish which is prepared in many ways in India. I live in the Indian city of Delhi, here Chana Masala is also known as Chole which is eaten with Bhatura.

This recipe is also one of the very favorite dishes of Indian food plate which is eaten with rice, roti, puri, kulcha and naan. This recipe is easy to make and quick to make. Everyone in my house likes to have it with rice and Chana Masala Recipe has also become my family’s favorite Sunday special lunch meal.

Today I will show you how to make delicious Chana Masala Recipe at home with step by step pictures in this recipe post. I am sure you will learn to make this recipe very well in one go after watching this recipe post and it will also become a special Sunday lunch meal at your home.

Chana Masala Recipe
Chana Masala Recipe by Make Veg Recipes


Prep Time : 10 Mins 

Cook Time : 25 Mins 

Total Time : 35 Mins 

Cuisine : Indian 

Servings : 2-3 

Course : Main Course 

Difficulty Level : Moderate

About Chana (Chickpeas)

White gram, also known as Kabuli gram, is easily available in the market. There are mainly two varieties of gram available in India, Kabuli Chana and Kala Chana (Desi Chana). Chana is very good for health. It is rich in many types of vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Many dishes are prepared from chickpea, in which salads and dishes like chana masala, pindi chole and other types of gravies are mainly made, while black or desi chana is also eaten in the form of flour. Black gram is used in a variety of dried savory dishes, sweets and condiments.

What is Chana Masala Recipe?

Chana Masala Recipe, one of my all-time favorite food, is a very tasty and popular Indian dish made all over the world using white chana, also known as chickpeas.

To make this recipe, boiled white chana or chickpeas, tomatoes, ginger, green chilies, fresh coriander leaves, chana masala powder, garam masala, dry mango powder, kasuri methi, black pepper, bay leaves, big cardamom and cinnamon are the main ingredients is used formally. In India, this recipe is prepared at home as a meal which is eaten with rice, puri, paratha, naan and roti. It goes very well with rice and everyone in my house likes to have it with rice.

How to make Chana Masala 

Chana Masala Ingredients
Chana Masala Ingredients by Make Veg Recipes


  • Chana (Chickpeas) – 1 Cup
  • Water – 3 Cups for Soaking Chickpeas
  • Tomato – Chopped 4 Medium size
  • Ginger – Chopped Small size
  • Green chili – Chopped 1-2 Medium size
  • Coriander Leaves – Chopped 1 string
  • Chana Masala Powder – 1 tbsp
  • Cumin Seeds – 1/2 tbsp
  • Garam Masala – 1/2 tbsp
  • Red Chili Powder – 1/4 tbsp or as per taste
  • Dry mango Powder – 1/2 tbsp
  • Turmeric Powder – 1/2 tbsp
  • Dry Fenugreek Leaves – 1/2 tbsp
  • Dry Red Chili – 2 Medium size
  • Black Pepper – 1/4 tbsp
  • Bay Leaves – 2 Leaves
  • Big Cardamom – 2
  • Cinnamon – 1 Stick
  • Salt – 1/2 tbsp or as per taste

For Garnishing

  • Chopped Coriander Leaves

How to make Chana Masala Recipe – Step by Step 

1.First of all, soak 1 cup of white gram in 3 cups of water overnight.

2. In the morning, take out the water from the soaked gram and separate it. After soaking, the quantity of gram almost doubles because gram swells due to soaking in water and its size also becomes bigger.

3. Put the soaked gram in a pressure cooker to boil. The quantity of water in the cooker is to be taken around 2.5 to 3 cups. Add 1/2 tsp salt. By adding salt, gram melts well.

4. Cook on high heat till 2 whistles in a pressure cooker, after that cook on medium heat for an additional 10-15 minutes so that the chickpeas are well boiled and melted. In chana masala recipe, it is very important to cook and melt the gram well, for this let the pressure of the pressure cooker release naturally.

Chana Masala Recipe

5. While the gram is boiling in the pressure cooker, take a small piece of ginger and make a paste out of it.

6. Take 4 medium sized tomatoes and cut them into small pieces. Put small pieces of tomato in the mixer grinder and add 2 green chilies cut along with it. The use of green chilies adds spiciness to this recipe, which further enhances its taste. You can use more or less green chilies according to your taste.

7. Grind the tomatoes by applying the lid of the mixer grinder.

8. Remove the lid of the mixer grinder to check whether the tomato and chili paste is prepared properly. If the paste is too thick, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of water and grind it again in the mixer grinder. To make a good gravy in chana masala recipe, it is very important that the tomatoes are mashed well.

Chana Masala Recipe

9. Before preparing the Chana Masala recipe, make sure that the boiled Chana is cooked by pressing it. If the gram is cooked well then it will become soft and break easily.

10. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a frying pan.

11. Add 1/2 teaspoon whole cumin seeds, 2 bay leaves, 2 large cardamoms, 1/4 teaspoon whole black pepper, 2 whole dry red chilies and 1 stick cinnamon to the hot oil.

12. Add 1/4 tsp asafoetida powder. Asafoetida is used in food to increase digestion. The aroma of asafoetida enhances the taste of chana masala recipe and also aids in digestion.

Chana Masala Recipe

13. Add ginger paste to the frying pan and stir with a frying spoon to mix the ginger paste with the roasted spices.

14. Now put tomato paste in the frying pan on low flame. Mix the tomato paste with all the spices by stirring it with a frying spoon.

15. Fry the tomato paste by stirring it with a frying spoon. When the tomato paste is well roasted and thickens a bit, add 1/2 teaspoon turmeric, 1/2 teaspoon coriander powder, 1/4 teaspoon red chili, 1/2 teaspoon garam masala and 1/2 teaspoon salt. | You can add more or less salt according to your taste.

16. Stir all the spices with a frying spoon and mix them with the roasted tomato paste. Now add 1 teaspoon chana masala powder to it. Chana masala powder is used to make chana masala. Chana Masala Powder brings out the original taste of Chana Masala recipe. You can add the quantity of chana masala powder as per your taste.

Chana Masala Recipe

17. Mix chana masala powder with roasted tomato paste.

18. Now put boiled gram in it.

19. Mix the boiled gram well with the roasted tomato paste masala.

20. Now add 1-2 cups of water to make the gravy for the Chana Masala recipe. You can add water as per your requirement. If you want to make the gravy of Chana Masala recipe more juicy, then you can also add 3 cups of water to it. I have taken 2 cups of water in it.

Chana Masala Recipe

21. Mix all the mixture by stirring it with a frying spoon on low flame.

22. After 1 to 2 minutes, when small bubbles start appearing in it, then Add 1/2 tsp (amchur) dry mango powder. Dry mango is used in Chana Masala recipe to bring a slight sourness.

23. Add 1/2 tsp kasuri methi (Fenugreek Leaves) is used as a very special ingredient in chana masala recipe. Its use makes gravy tasty.

24. Cover the frying pan on low flame and leave it for 5 minutes.

Chana Masala Recipe

25. Remove the lid of the frying pan and check the consistency of the gravy by stirring it with a frying spoon. If you find the gravy too juicy, leave it for 1 minute by covering the lid of the frying pan, this will make the gravy more thick. You can adjust the consistency of gravy according to your taste. Now turn off the gas. Your delicious Chana Masala recipe is ready.

26.To make Chana Masala recipe more delicious, add freshly chopped coriander leaves and coriander leaves over it. The aroma of fresh green coriander leaves doubles its taste.

Chana Masala Recipe

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Serve hot chana masala. You can serve it with both rice or roti.


Chole Masala Recipe
Chana Masala Recipe by Make Veg Recipes

Special tips for Serving and Garnishing

Garnish with Chopped fresh Green Coriander leaves – This recipe can be made more delicious by using fresh green chopped coriander leaves. According to your taste, you can garnish from above while making or serving this recipe.

Serve with Rice or Puri Paratha – Chana Masala Recipe is a gravy that can be served with rice. It goes best with rice. It can also be served with puri, paratha and roti.

Serve with Dahi or Boondi Dahi Raita – In India, there is a trend of eating curd with food, which is considered very good for health. You can serve curd or Boondi raita with chana masala, which doubles the taste of eating.

Important tips for Delicious Chana Masala Recipe

For Soaking Chana (Chickpeas) – While soaking gram at night, the quantity of water has to be kept 3 times in it. If you are soaking 1 cup chickpeas, add 3 cups of water to it. After soaking for 8 to 10 hours, the size of gram doubles, for which additional water is required while soaking.

Add Salt in pressure cooker – While boiling the soaked gram in the pressure cooker, put 1/2 teaspoon salt in it. Chana melts easily by adding salt.

Chana should be properly boiled – The main ingredients for making this recipe are boiled white or chickpeas. Proper cooking and melting of gram is very important for a tasty recipe. Before making chana masala recipe, test the boiled chana by pressing it. If chana becomes soft and breaks when pressed, then it is completely suitable for making chana masala recipe.

Use of Green Chilies – It is a spicy dish which is prepared using green chilies. Additional spiciness can be brought in by the use of green chilies. If you do not eat spicy then do not use green chili or you can use it according to your taste.

Use of Chana Masala Powder – To bring out the original taste of this recipe, chana masala powder is used. I have used ½ tsp chana masala. You can increase or decrease its quantity according to your taste.

Use of Kasuri Methi (Dry Fenugreek Leaves) – I have used 1/2 tsp kasuri methi in this. Kasuri fenugreek enhances its flavor even more. If you do not have kasuri methi available then you can skip it.

Nutrition Value 

Calories – 235 cal, Protein – 8g, Carbohydrates – 28g, Potassium – 520mg, Iron – 3mg, Calcium – 74mg, Fiber – 12.26 g, Vitamin A – 928IU , Vitamin C – 19 mg, Sodium – 212mg, Zinc – 2.81mg,

Approximate Nutrition value

Frequent Asked Questions

Question : Is chana masala good for health?

Answer : Chana Masala Recipe is a healthy dish. Iron fiber and vitamin B are found in plenty in it. Tomatoes, ginger, green chilies, coriander leaves and some special spices are used in it, which makes this recipe very nutritious for the body.

Question : Is chana masala high in protein?

Answer : Chana Masala is a vegetarian dish made by soaking white gram or chickpea. High amount of protein is found in it, so it is known as a healthy dish.

Question : Is it good to eat Kabuli Chana everyday?

Answer : Chickpeas are rich in nutrients. Vitamin C, and anti-oxidants are found in plenty in it. By eating boiled gram, the body gets energy and the body remains stress free. Chickpeas are a very healthy food for breakfast. It can also be eaten by putting it in a sandwich or as a salad.

Question : What goes well with Chana Masala?

Answer : Chana Masala is a delicious gravy dish. Rice goes very well with it. Chole rice or chana masala rice is a popular dish from India. Chana Masala can be served with Rice, Poori, Roti, Paratha, Bhatura and Naan.

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