Sabudana Khichdi | Sabudana Khichdi Recipe

If you are looking for any suitable food for fasting, then today your search will be fulfilled because today I will tell you how to make a very tasty food called sabudana khichdi. Many types of delicious food are eaten in India, in which many dishes made from sago, such as sabudana kheer, sabudana pakoras, sabudana papad and sabudana khichdi are mainly dishes eaten as fasting food.

Maa Durga’s fast is kept during Navratri, in which sago kheer and sago khichdi are eaten as main food to break the fast. There is less use of ghee, oil or spices in fasting food, so very few spices are used in sabudana Khichdi because it is also considered a sattvic food.

By the way, sabudana Khichdi is also eaten in morning and evening breakfast apart from fasting. It is a very tasty and energy rich food. It is very easy to make it. In this recipe post, I will show you the detailed step by step process of making sabudana Khichdi recipe with pictures.

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

Prep Time : 5 Mins

Cook Time : 10 Mins

Total Time : 15 Mins

Cuisine : Indian

Servings : 2-3

Course : Breakfast Snacks & Fasting Meal

Difficulty Level : Easy

What is Sabudana (sago)?

In India. sabudana (sago) is easily available at the grocery store in India. It looks like small white grains like pearls. Mostly two types of sabudana (sago) are available in India, in which one type is small sabudana and the other type is called big sabudana. . Different types of sweet and salty savory dishes are made from sago. Big Sabudana (sago) is also used to make different types of delicious dry snacks.

What is Sabudana khichdi

People go for fasting on various festivals in India. Special types of dishes are eaten as food during festivals and fasts. Sattvic food is eaten to break the fast during Navratri festival, in which very little salt, ghee, oil and spices are used. Sabudana (Sago) khichdi is mainly a very famous and favorite food of fasting among the dishes made from sabudana. Peanuts, curry leaves, potatoes in vegetables, mild spices are used in this. It is an energetic food which is also eaten with tea in morning and evening snacks.

How to make Sabudana khichdi

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

Ingredients for Sabudana khichdi

  • Sabudana ( Sago ) – 1 Cup (soak 1 cup sabudana 8-10 hours – overnight)
  • Oil – 1 – 2 tbsp (any refined oil, olive oil or desi ghee)
  • Potato – 1 Medium Size
  • Peanuts – 1/2 small Cup
  • Cumin Seeds – 1 tbsp
  • Curry Leaves – 10 -12
  • Green Chillies – 2 – 3
  • Lemon – 1 tbsp Juice or as per taste
  • Coriander Leaves – 1 string
  • Salt – 1/2 tbsp or as per taste

Ingredients for Garnish

  • Coriander Leaves – 1 string
  • Pomegranate – small size (optional)

How to make Sabudana khichdi Step by Step

1. To make sabudana Khichdi, take 1 cup of sabudana.

2. Soak sabudana the night before for about 8 to 10 hours. Only 1 cup of water is required to soak 1 cup of sago. Quantity of water has to be taken equal to sabudana (sago).

3. After soaking for 8 to 10 hours, starch is formed in sabudana, which makes it sticky. Wash the sabudana with water until the water becomes completely clear. To remove starch from sago, it is very important to wash it thoroughly with water.

4. After washing the sabudana with water, take it out in a bowl.

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg ecipes

5. To make Sabudana Khichdi, it is necessary to check the Sabudana kept in the bowl that there is no extra water in the Sabudana and the Sabudana grains break easily.

6. Heat 1 tsp oil in a frying pan on low flame. (You can also use desi ghee) Add ½ small cup peanuts. Stir a little with the frying spoon, keep one thing in mind that raw emerald should not remain in the peanuts. Roast the peanuts till they turn golden. Remove the roasted peanuts from the prime wear and keep them aside in a bowl.

7. In the remaining hot oil in the same frying pan, add a spoonful of cumin seeds and fry for a few seconds.

8. Now add chopped potato pieces to it. Stir a little with the frying spoon, mix the potatoes and cumin seeds.

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

9. To cook the potatoes, cover the frying pan and leave it for 5 minutes so that the potatoes melt well.

10. Add fried peanuts to the cooked potatoes and stir with a frying spoon to mix.

11. Now add 10 to 12 curry leaves and stir them with the frying spoon.

12. Add 2 to 3 chopped green chilies to give a little spiciness to the sabudana Khichdi.

Sabudana khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

13. Now put ½ teaspoon salt in the frying pan and mix it with a frying spoon.

14. Put the Sabudana ( sago) kept in the bowl in the frying pan.

15. Mix the Sabudana ( sago) with fried potatoes and peanuts in the frying pan with a frying spoon.

16. Now add some chopped coriander and mix it well with a frying spoon.

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

17. To make Sabudana Khichdi tastier, squeeze the juice of one lemon in it.

18. Sprinkle some chopped coriander leaves to garnish Sabudana Khichdi. Coriander leaves enhance the taste.

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

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Serve hot and tasty Sabudana Khichdi.

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes
Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

Special tips for Serving and Garnishing Sabudana Khichdi

Use of pomegranate : You can use pomegranate to garnish Sabudana Khichdi. Pomegranate is a very healthy fruit. Sabudana Khichdi becomes an even more energy-boosting meal with the use of pomegranate. You can also use pomegranate or grapes according to your taste while consuming Sabudana Khichdi in fasting food. The use of fruits in Sabudana Khichdi is especially beneficial for fasting food.

Use of Boondi Dahi (Curd) : While serving sabudana Khichdi in fasting food, you can serve boondi curd with it. Curd is consumed in fasting food. Curd is eaten in many ways in the food of fasting, in which curd with boondi is mainly eaten. I have made boondi curd with sabudana khichdi. You can also make curd with boondi according to your taste and serve it with sabudana Khichdi. Curd with boondi is a very good combination with sabudana Khichdi.

Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes
Sabudana Khichdi by Make Veg Recipes

Important Tips for Tasty & Non Sticky Sabudana khichdi

  • Sabudana soaking tip : While soaking sabudana in water, the proportion of water has to be kept equal. If you are taking 1 cup of sago, then it has to be soaked in 1 cup of water. i.e. 1:1 ratio. Soaking in too much water would have made it more brittle.
  • Check the softness of sabudana : Before making sabudana Khichdi, it is necessary to check the sabudana kept in the bowl that there is no excess water in the sabudana and the grains of sabudana break easily.
  • Roasting Peanuts : While frying peanuts, keep one thing in mind that raw emerald should not remain in the peanuts. Roast the peanuts till they turn golden.
  • Potato crispiness : Potato has special importance in making Sabudana Khichdi. Potato has a special use in fasting food. In Sabudana Khichdi, potatoes are lightly added to make the bottom soft. If you want, fry the potatoes while stirring till they become slightly more golden, which will make them more crispy and the slightly crispy potatoes in Sabudana Khichdi makes its taste more delicious. You can make it according to your taste.
  • Use of Pure Ghee (Desi Ghee) : If you are making Sabudana Khichdi for fasting, then if you make it in desi ghee (pure ghee), then its taste will increase even more. Desi ghee is used in India for more purity in sattvic food. If you are making it for a normal breakfast then you can make it in any oil. You can use any oil or desi ghee as per your choice.
  • Use of pomegranate : In India, Sabudana Khichdi is a dish eaten both during fasting and for breakfast. To make it more flavourful, pomegranate seeds are also used in it. Pomegranate is a very healthy fruit. Since Sabudana Khichdi is eaten to break the fast, the use of pomegranate in it makes Sabudana Khichdi a more energetic meal. You can garnish Sabudana Khichdi with pomegranate or grapes as per your taste. In this recipe, I have used pomegranate.
  • Use of black pepper : Too many spicy spices are not used in fasting food, so very few spices are used in Sabudana Khichdi. If you like to eat a little more spicy, then you can eat crushed black pepper by sprinkling it on top of sabudana khichdi. The use of black pepper increases its taste even more.
  • Use of Lemon : Lemon is used to enhance the taste in sabudana Khichdi. You can use more or less quantity of lemon juice according to your taste.

Frequent Asked Questions 

Question : Is sabudana Vegan?

Answer : Sabudana Khichdi is naturally vegetarian and nut free. Sabudana Khichdi is a very favorite breakfast dish in Gujarat and Maharashtra, India. In India it is mainly eaten during fasting days. It can also be eaten with tea in morning or evening breakfast.

Question : Is sabudana (Sago) is gluten free?

Answer : Sabudana (Sago) is naturally gluten free. There is no added preservative of any kind in sabudana. In India, Sabudana (Sago) is used to make a variety of delicious dishes. Many types of satvik food are made from sabudana (Sago) during fasting. It is also considered the main meal of a fast. Kheer and khichdi made of sabudana (Sago) are eaten in the food of fasting.

Question : What is the best time to eat Sabudana?

Answer :Sabudana (sago) can be eaten as a morning or evening snack. In India, dishes made from sabudana (sago), such as sabudana khichdi, are eaten to break the fast. Carbohydrates are found in abundance in sago and it is a non-cereal food. Dishes made of Sabudana, such as Sabudana khichdi, are considered a suitable and favorite food for dieting. Eating this gives a lot of energy and the stomach feels full for a long time. It comes under the category of a tasty and healthy food.

Question : How many hours does sabudana takes to soak?

Answer : Soak sabudana (sago) in water for 4 to 5 hours or overnight. Take special care of one thing while soaking sabudana in water, it has to be soaked in water equal to the quantity of sabudana . If you are taking 1 cup of sabudana , then you have to take 1 cup of water. If the quantity of water is more, then after soaking the sabudana will become sticky.

Question :Is sabudana used in fasting?

Answer : Yes, you can eat sabudana (sago) khichdi during fasting. In India, many types of dishes are eaten to break the fast during the fast worship. Sabudana Khichdi is a very favorite food to be eaten during fasting as it is very high in energy and is easy to digest. That’s why after fasting for the whole day, its consumption gives energy to the body.


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